What is a Bulk Mail House?

The term "bulk mail house” is a company that processes large quantities of mail at a lower postage rate.  Bulk mail houses are referred to as bulk mail processor, or bulk mail shop, or bulk mail processor, and sometimes as a bulk mail producer.  They essentially do part of the post office’s job and garner a postage discount for doing so.  The USPS states that bulk mail means commercial first class mail, and advertising mail (advertising mail is referred to as USPS Marketing mail by the USPS).  Lower postage is available for other classes of mail like non for profit, bound printed matter, and packages.   The USPS uses bulk and presorted interchangeably.

Bulk mail prices are significantly lower than single piece prices.  Single piece means that you are paying the full price, which is what you pay when putting a stamp on a piece of mail.  Bulk mail processors like Jefferson Letter Service are able to get postage at a reduced price by doing some of the work that otherwise would be done by the USPS.  Bulk mail processors make a significant investment in machinery, technology, and time to do this work. In turn they charge a fee to do the work, but not even close to what the USPS charges.  By reducing the postage for their customers Jefferson Letter Service pays for themselves.

In order for Jefferson Letter Service to get a discount in postage they had to:

·        Buy bulk mail software capable of complying with USPS regulations. 

·        Purchase machinery capable of addressing each mail piece and then putting those pieces in order for the route carrier.

·        Purchase a mailing permit.   This is essentially permission from the USPS for each class of mail the bulk mailing house wants to mail.  (First – Class, USPS Marketing Mail, Bound Printed Matter, ect)

·        Spend an enormous amount of time studying the USPS regulations.  Their manual is well over 800 pages and doesn’t address all situations you may come into while operating a mail house.

·        Set up a trust account with the USPS to pay the postage on the bulk mail that is processed and delivered to the USPS.

There are numerous advantages to using a bulk mail provider like Jefferson Letter Service.  The biggest is paying bulk mail prices which can be as much as 70% lower than putting a stamp on the mail piece. Many businesses that mail pay single piece postage even when doing larger mailings primarily because they don’t know that a bulk mail house can save them money.  The next time you plan a mailing, give Jefferson Letter Service a call and see if we may be able to save you money!