What is Data Hygiene for your mailing list?

Data hygiene is the collective processes conducted to ensure the cleanliness and accuracy of your direct mail marketing list. Data is considered clean if it is relatively error-free. Dirty data can be caused by a number of factors including duplicate records, incomplete or outdated addresses and names, and the improper parsing of record fields from disparate systems.

In a nutshell, every action to add, delete, update, or otherwise modify your data can be problematic if it is not done with consistency, using tried and true methods.  At Jefferson Letter Service we take data hygiene very seriously because it can be the difference between a spectacular response versus a dismal response to your direct mail.  So we “scrub” your mailing lists with standard practices and can even customize our scrubbing to your marketing needs.    With our standard service we provide:

·        Standardization of your data using CASS encoding….

·        Then we NCOA to update all who have moved on your mailing list…

·        Then we remove duplicates based on standard or custom criteria…

·        Then on our preliminary sortation we look for anomalies in your data such as missing fields or incomplete data. 

Removing the “dirty” records from your database saves you time and money while preserving the integrity mailing list.  For more information give us a call or stay tuned for future updates right here.